Services & Work

Services & Work

Elizabeth and her team of highly experienced associates can help you and your organisation to adapt, survive and prosper in a fast moving and uncertain world.

By using ideas from evolution and the natural world (Complexity Science) we can help:

  • Change your organisation – even transform it
  • Challenge your thinking and introduce you to radically new ideas
  • Energise your organisation and maximise everyone’s talents
  • Increase your capacity for creativity and innovation
  • Redesign your organisation for maximum connectivity and cooperation
  • Improve your strategic thinking and business focus
  • Provide individual, team and organisational ‘health checks’ using the EOC Assessment model

The following range of services can be tailored to the needs of your organisation

  • Consultancy and Advisory services
  • Coaching and mentoring at all levels
  • In-company learning and development events
  • High quality input to learning and development strategies
  • Challenging and possibly critical insights into your current management practice!
  • Access to the latest research and ideas on effective management derived from Complexity Science and other leading edge research areas

Examples of Work

Global Aerospace Company
Designed and facilitated a range of initiatives geared to introduce complexity management principles to the company’s senior global team in order to stimulate debate and the close examination of long established practices, so as to improve communications, cut down on bureaucracy, introduce more innovation and improve the bottom line.

Leading Edge Engineering Design Practice
Designed and implemented an in-depth look at the company’s current organisation structure and related management processes from a complexity management based perspective. This involved a range of one to one and group interviews with all levels of staff and an agreed open feedback process on the findings and their implications for the future development and management of the company.

Global Pharmaceutical Company
Worked with the senior team responsible for the effective merger of two significant support service functions: introducing complexity management ideas and practices in order to ensure the streamlining of operations, encourage improved communications and enhanced working relationships and subsequently, cut costs.

Higher Education
Designed and facilitated a range of initiatives and events on leadership and change for senior management teams in a significant number of higher education organisations.

NHS Trust
Worked closely with managers in an NHS Trust to facilitate a self organising approach to the management of the Trust’s services to improve cross departmental collaboration and improved patient care.

Elizabeth has wide ranging experience in public speaking and giving presentations at seminars, conferences and other events and can offer a variety of talks that draw on her knowledge of complexity science and her experiences as a manager and an academic. For example:

Working at the Edge of Innovation

Flying like Fishes: Freeing up Your Talent, Saving Time and Money

Couch Potatoes and Headless Chickens: Is this your Company?

Using Nature’s Toolbox for Radical Transformations

Understanding Complexity: Putting it into Practice