“Elizabeth understands the potential of complexity theory in its application to business management, particularly when effecting the difficult task of bringing about change. She is able to interact with a management team and help them to grasp its power with only the briefest of understanding of the underlying theory of complexity science. I have found working with her stimulating in generating many insights into alternative ways of approaching business issues other than by traditional command and control methods ”
John Ferrie Group MD Smiths Aerospace

“I consulted Elizabeth when my company was in need of a transformation. We were over 20 years old and whilst the organisation has changed completely over time, the current stream of business we were pursuing was clearly going nowhere. we were struggling to decide what to do and how to make it happen. The turning point was recognising from Elizabeth’s model that ‘Purpose’ needed to be at the centre of our thinking and then become the driver of our actions. Once this became clear the rest fell into place and a direction emerged which everyone understood. Elizabeth’s model was stuck above my desk for many month’s to remind me of what was important and only disappeared when the company had grown substantially such that I had to move office to make way to accommodate more people – a great problem to have! ”
Paul Argyle CEO Flight Directors Scheduled Services Ltd, now trading as www.alternativeairlines.com

“Dr McMillan presented one of the best sessions of the whole conference. Her theme ‘Riding the Waves of Change’ was well-thought-out, well-planned, and drew from a wide range of background thinking and research. The two-hour session was delivered with style and panache. From the many comments that I received after the conference, she certainly impressed the delegates ”
Nicholas J Robinson MBA, FHCIMA, MRSH Catering Manager, University of Leicester

“Elizabeth McMillan’s seminar provoked a great deal of discussion and debate and was useful to both Senior Executives and Master’s students ”
Dr Paul Thomas Founder of DNA Wales

“It was a great event – people are still talking about it! ”
Nicolette Pace DNA Wales

“Elizabeth McMillan’s presentation was incredibly thought provoking. McMillan brought a highly conceptual field down to earth, giving me access to an intriguing toolbox, which has fundamentally restructured my approach to research as well as my expectations around project design in both my academic and professional paths. Her engaging and dynamic communication involved the audience. Quite simply: this 40 minute presentation is still challenging me to think differently a year later ”
Hulda Armine Dutch delegate, Council Supply Chain Management, European Conference, Brussels, 2006

” The interest in understanding and managing complexity has been largely increased among the Korean government and companies as uncertainty of the global economic environment has been constantly growing. I read your book and other works and was very impressed. I think they provide useful frameworks for us to benchmark. I was strongly recommended to visit you.”
Dr Sean Chae Samsung Economic Research Institute, Korea www.seriworld.org

“Very elaborate, very in depth, most memorable of all. Very clear and detailed description of concepts and ideas and very useful explanation of the subject matter. I would like to listen to her again ”
MSc Student Cranfield University

“This is how a lecture should be done ”
Professor Du Visiting Professor, Cranfield University